Puzzle Page Challenger Crossword November 14 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Puzzle Page Challenger Crossword November 14 2021 Answers, then you came here on the right place. Solving Crossword puzzles helps us improving: verbal reasoning, vocabulary, problem-solving, spelling, grammar and memory. They keep our brain fit and also train our memory too.

Puzzle Page Challenger Crossword November 14 2021 Answers:

Careless slapdash 6 Letters SLOPPY
Large auditorium 5 Letters ARENA
Tiny wound 4 Letters NICK
Shudder fearfully cower 5 Letters QUAKE
Enduring hardship without complaint 7 Letters STOICAL
Pursue stealthily 5 Letters PROWL
Stringed instrument 6 Letters GUITAR
Premonition harbinger 4 Letters OMEN
Snooty person 4 Letters SNOB
Odd different 7 Letters UNUSUAL
Flat grassland 5 Letters PLAIN
Be super-talented 5 Letters EXCEL
Excitable fiery 11 Letters COMBUSTIBLE
Watch 7 Letters OBSERVE
Slowly not energetically 4 Letters IDLY
Soldier on guard duty 6 Letters SENTRY
They cause disease 5 Letters GERMS
Decided on picked 5 Letters OPTED
Momentary failure 5 Letters LAPSE
Fold over 5 Letters PLEAT
Friendly (inf) 5 Letters PALLY
Appear as a shadowy threatening form 4 Letters LOOM
Partly decayed plant matter 4 Letters PEAT
Films 6 Letters MOVIES
Tidily briskly 7 Letters SMARTLY

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